The bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty.
My B.A. thesis on memory, mementos and playful combinations of moments.

“One of the most fundamental laws of nature is that time unconditionally keeps on flowing. The arrow of time flies forward in a straight line, but for one exception; the human mind, our ability to remember past events. In our mind, we can go back to what happened yesterday and bend the straight arrow of time into a loop. The rememberer has traveled back in time within his own mind and has thus violated the laws of irreversibility of the flow in time. Because the consciousness lies within your brain and the reality of the world within your own mind, the mental realities are at least as important as the outside reality of the physical world. So remembering is like traveling back within your own inner world. You can modify your memories and own vision of your past but of course not the physical reality.”

– Endel Tulving

Through new and playful combinations of images, I aim to induce false memories and to trick myself into creating new memories that weren’t there from the beginning. It is a way to marvel about the world in a curious, childlike manner.
Outtakes from my photobook AWARE. All images are shot in Japan and Taiwan over 4 years of time.