Helsinki Missio


Yksinäisyys ei ole kaikille poikkeustila.

“For some this is how the world has always felt. Show the lonely they are not alone.”


Quiet and insightful, this campaign for HelsinkiMissio expresses how those who were already feeling alone see the world and how we can help them.
The purpose of the campaign for Finnish social services organization HelsinkiMissio is to get a wider audience to notice their suffering and volunteer to help.


The organization helping the lonely aims to highlight the issue during the crisis in hopes to get compassion for the ones who need it now more than ever. The campaign was carried out pro bono together with TBWA\Helsinki, FLC Helsinki, Sanoma, and Clear Channel. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to adjust to the new world of social distancing. For most of us, a life without daily human interaction is an entirely new situation. It is, however, nothing unusual for those suffering from chronic loneliness and isolation. Momentary solitude can be good for you, however, involuntary loneliness can lead to life-threatening health conditions. The empty city streets inspired HelsinkiMissio to use pictures of deserted public spaces in their campaign to show how the world looks like through the eyes of the lonely, even without the ongoing virus outbreak. Loneliness is always harmful, it is never a choice of solitude. All of the images were taken in some of the busiest locations of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


Client: Helsinki Missio

Agency: TBWA\Helsinki

Production TBWA\Screen

Producer: Niko Hatara

Production Manager: Jaana Hiltunen

Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen

Creative Director: Erno Reinikainen

Retouch: FLC